I had such big plans for October. But because I sometimes don’t consider the wider implications of things – I completely failed to take into account how having my bathroom remodelled would have a knock on effect on other areas of my home.

This was my family room for most of the month.


The cloud of dust generated by the work meant my grand project to do full-on Autumn cleaning fell to the wayside. No problem, I’ll do an abridged version in the run up to Christmas. Just need to make a project plan for it.

In October I made a (hopefully final) decision on the direction I want to go in for YouTube. I now have two channels. Ru Undiluted remains my family and lifestyle channel but I also have My Kind Of Organised which is about organisation, productivity and planners. I created a schedule for the YouTube videos I wanted to upload but having contractors in the house during the day wasn’t conducive to filming. I always felt too tired to film in the evenings and my general social media output declined.

Of course having insomnia since September really hasn’t helped my productivity.

At first I thought I knew the reason. My daughter is in the final year of junior school. We live in an area where state secondary schools are grammar or comprehensive and grammar school choices are only available if you pass a test. Over the last few years the competition for grammar school places has led to a lucrative business in exam tuition but, for many reasons, I don’t agree with tutoring to help pass the test. However I do realise tutition skews the pass mark and this has become worse over recent years. Anyway, after her test, I spent a sleepless month feeling like such a guilty mother for not going against my own principles and sending my daughter for tuition. Of course now we have the results and she passed without tuition I do have a sense of smug superiority.

I’m still suffering from insomnia so that actually wasn’t the reason.

The bathroom work finished at the end of October but then we had the neverending half-term. Usually it’s a one week holiday at the end of October. This year my son was off from 19 October until 2 November and my daughter was off from 26 October and will return on 9 November. So life is almost back to normal, but not quite.

As always I have high hopes for November, which is of course NaNoWriMo time. I hope your Octobers were more successful.