I started preparing for hibernation in the last few weeks of September. The start of the month is always filled with back to school preparations. My son starts his GCSEs and my daughter is in Year 6. Important times for both of them. It’s probably not surprising it took a little longer for routines to develop.

My daughter decided to walk to school with a friend (school is literally down the road from us) and I feel rather redundant. Luckily she still wants me to collect her from school so I’m not totally useless but it does inevitably start me thinking about my return to work. Do I really want to return?

I think my decision will be based on whether I can find a role which allows me to commute into London a maximum of 3 days each week. Frankly I don’t care what I do the other 2 days, work from home or be part time. I could try finding a role closer to home but they have to be the right kind of mentally challenging – I don’t feel the need to work just for the sake of working. Luckily my husband doesn’t think I need to either. No decisions really need to be made until January.

On the home front our bathroom remodel started. Because we’re doing (well the contractors are doing) our master bedroom ensuite we’ve had to move out of our bedroom for the duration. For me this meant planning in my new project notebook.


I don’t really decorate for the seasons but I do like adding a few touches for autumn, and I’ve swapped out my summer candle scents.

IMG_0211As a planner geek I love September for the release of new planners. I have planners from Emily Ley, Inkwell Press and other brands on their way for review and there are a few crowdfunding notebooks I’m eagerly following production of. Post coming soon on my October planning system (probably).

With hibernation comes the binge watching of many TV series. I’m currently on Season 1 of Scandal and Madam Secretary and Season 2 of Criminal Minds. In between these I’ll be keeping up with Downton Abbey (I binge watched 5 series in 10 days over the summer) and Once Upon a Time. Busy times.