Wow, it’s hard to believe I could get any more unproductive than I was during March and April.

March started well. We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary with a weekend in London. We started with afternoon tea at our hotel


I have to say, I’m rather boring and prefer my sandwiches to be made from normal bread. Spinach or mango bread would not be my first choices.

We followed that with a lovely walk around Westfields shopping centre. My husband’s gift to me was following me around while I shopped, although he was disappointed nothing in the Village caught my eye. A reminder of why I married him, dear Reader.

And then it all seemed to zoom by, perhaps because the schools tried to fit in hundreds of end of term activities in a couple of weeks.

In March, I finally found an organisational system for my pantry that worked! Unfortunately the only solution was to set up a completely new system, effectively throwing money at the problem.

IMG_0073On the positive side, I now also have lots more space in my kitchen to organise everything else. I’m very confident by the end of the year I’ll meet my goal to have my kitchen organised.

And actually, I’m giving myself a pass for April. We spent most of the Easter holidays at Avalon. The unexpected glorious weather even tempted my teenage son outside.

IMG_0038I did organise our understairs closet while I was there. (Video here). And I discovered the joys of shopping in Swindon.

IMG_0044If you follow my stationery blog, stationerybydefault, you’ll see most of my haul.

I turned another year old and a couple of days later I had implantable contact lens surgery on my left eye, followed a week later by surgery on my right eye.

IMG_0050It’s hard to express what a difference this has made, but I’ll be trying in a separate post.

May isn’t looking like it will be any more productive, mainly because I’m going through Planner Pandemonium. But we’ll see.