As it’s almost the end of the first quarter, I’m getting ready to plan my home projects for April to June and doing my usual review of my home.

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s all a little bit pointless.

My family room is a mess – despite the declutter a year ago
My daughter’s room is a mess – despite the declutter 6 months ago
My annex is a mess – despite the almost constant decluttering
My kitchen – actually my kitchen isn’t too bad. I’ve been working on organising my pantry (again) which has led to an organisation of my other cupboards.

But it just seems never-ending.

I presume if we can’t keep the house organised it’s a combination of having too much stuff, the organisation not functioning for us, and…my kids.

I think a lot of it’s the latter. Before I continue trying to work on organisational projects, I need to work on getting a good chore system for the family.

Of course when I mentioned this to my son, and told him he treated our home like a hotel his comeback was “I’m so giving you a one star on Tripadvisor”. So I’m not overly optimistic.