I’m beginning to resent the shortness of February. I know it’s only a few days shorter than the other months but I always feel slightly short-changed. Perhaps I resented it more this year in particular because I seemed to lose much of February to illness and the children’s half term.

We finally got the painting completed in the kitchen, hall and landing. This has been on the docket for years but finding decorators was surprisingly harder than I imagined. The height of walls and amount of cutting in I’d need to do it meant this wasn’t something I wanted to tackle myself.


I also finally got tiles for a backsplash behind my hob. I can’t believe it took me almost 10 years to get round to doing this.


We went to Avalon for half term and the weather was glorious.


A lovely week of relaxing and recharging, especially needed this time since I’d been ill with a flu-type thing the previous week. On a side note, yay for high speed internet.

When I came back it was full steam ahead with getting the house back in order after the new floors and painting. Although slightly out of my control, I was still annoyed it took me 3 weeks to complete the declutter. Naturally I made YouTube videos of the process.


And I have been making some changes to my social media, a couple of which have already happened.

I’ve published my book reviews here and closed down my readwritereview blog. I hope to get a book related post up every 4-6 weeks but of course that depends on how much I read and/or how many books I buy.

Another change is that I’m moving my planner reviews to this blog. I’m not sure why I started doing them on my stationery blog but to me they’re part of time management, which I talk about on this blog. For a while the old planner reviews will be on both blogs but any new reviews will only be published here. StationeryByDefault will go back to its original intention to be about hauls, notebooks and general stationery items.

Onward to March. It’s the last month of this quarter so I’d better get cracking on my home organisation projects.