Wow January was a crazy month with exciting stuff happening at home.

The refurbishment work finally started in the house. These were some simple changes I’d been planning since September (when we make our home improvement list for the year).

First up was replacing the floors in our Master bedroom and landing. In my experience white carpets with children and dogs are a bad idea.

IMG_0178 IMG_0181Much as I would love hardwood floors one day, on the advice of flooring specialists I went with Amtico because they wear better with pets and don’t need as much upkeep.

IMG_1597I love how our bedroom turned out. Obviously one way of having a major declutter is finding a reason to empty your whole room but I probably shouldn’t rely on this method.

Before the floors were laid I was trying to work out where all the furniture could go and I was inspired to move my dressing table and makeup storage into our guest room. I knew we’d have to move it there while the floors were being replaced but it suddenly made sense to keep it in the guest room permanently. We have guests maybe 2 or 3 times a year and we have another spare room on the ground floor so our guest room doesn’t get much use. Moving my dressing table and vanity would create so much space in our master bedroom and the mismatching woods wouldn’t grate on me so much.

IMG_1066I had to change the room layout to fit my table in but I think the room really works. I’m also planning to add some bookshelves or cubby storage and move my handbags into this room, which I now call my dressing room. I may have to fight my son for use of this room because he claims the feng shui is right for him! More posts coming up as I continue to work on the room.

Unfortunately, my husband’s study remains in a state because the painting of the hall, landing and kitchen has started.

IMG_1591I’ve been thinking about social media and what I want to do with my blogs and YouTube channel, also called Ru Undiluted. There are some ideas I have about the direction for this blog in particular but I’m still weighing up the pros and cons. Changes are afoot.

On my YouTube channel I started a new series called My Kind Of Organised and my plan is to upload an ‘organisational’ video every Thursday. I kinda see my channel moving away from a lifestyle channel towards organisational/planner/book-related content. We’ll see.

It was my daughter’s birthday and I have to say I throw excellent children’s parties. Excellent enough to warrant their own posts.

Other than that family, friends, no studying, no writing, blah blah blah. And that was my January.

How was yours?